Monday, October 8, 2007

TQM17.Production Control

– Production and shipping plans

a. Annual Production Plan
b. Monthly or daily production plan
c. Shipping plan

– Ensuring that production keeps to plan

a. Optimise the organization of the production line
b. Set and keep to standard times
c. Become aware of production capacity
d. Manage each process
e. Manage the production schedule
f. Prevent delays in production
g. Manage operating ratios
h. Plan a smooth supply of components and materials

– Dealing with fluctuations in production

a. Fluctuations in production and changes to processes
b. External suppliers’ response to production fluctuations
c. Response in component and material supply to fluctuations in production
d. Fostering multi-skilled workers

- Planning the inventory

a. The inventory plan
b. Setting and Managing Standard Inventory Quantity
c. Standard inventory quantity for each process

– Managing the inventory

a. Work-in-process inventory quantity
b. Inventory management at a glance
c. First-in, first-out

– Inspecting finished products, dealing with abnormalities, improving production

a. Finished goods inspection
b. Define abnormalities and standardize countermeasures
c. Kaizen (improvement in production control)

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